The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is in full swing, with Olympic athletes from all over the world taking part in the competition.


The Olympic Games, as the largest top-level event in the world, has attracted extensive attention from people all over the world, and the excellent product design related to it has naturally emerged in endlessly, which not only serves the athletes, but also serves the public.

在其中西班牙顶尖玻璃门具知名品牌Glas Italia做为2020年东京奥运会“意大利之家”的官方网经销商,用高档精美的设计产品,为选手们出示了当然惬意的生活自然环境。

Glas Italia, the official supplier of Casa Italia Tokyo 2020 , provides a natural and comfortable living environment for athletes with high-end and exquisite product design.

“意大利之家”坐落于东京都、大阪临港的“The Kihinkan – Takanawa Manor House”,间距北京奥运村和主新闻网约十公里。2021年7月23日至8月8日期内,全部西班牙夏季奥运会选手和工作员都将搬入“意大利之家”。

Casa Italia is hosted at “The Kihinkan – Takanawa Manor House” in Tokyo, located in the Minato-ku district, about 10 kilometers from the Olympic Village and the Main Press Centre. It will be the home of all Italian Olympic athletes and staff from July 23rd to August 8th 2021.

这座建筑物以新风格特征工程建筑为特点,具备19世纪末和20世纪初欧洲地区房子的经典特点。一系列互相连接的屋子,再次诠释了这座工程建筑的含意,造就了一个以“Casa Italia-Mirabilia”取名的温暖居所。

This building, featuring Art Nouveau architecture, typical of the European houses of the late 19th and early 20th century, with a linked succession of rooms, reinterpreted for this occasion to create an installation with the highly significant name of “Casa Italia – Mirabilia “.


由Patricia Urquiola设计方案的LIQUEFY咖啡桌被挑选用以公共区域。防爆玻璃粘士玻璃做成的高低桌和控制面板,含有精致的纹理装饰设计,展现出天然大理石一样的颜色和肌理效果。

The coffee tables LIQUEFY, designed by Patricia Urquiola, has been selected for the public areas .High and low tables and console in tempered extralight glass with a veined and organic decoration which takes on the colour and veins of marble.

Patricia Urquiola


The surprising image changing effect, makes the veining look dynamic and variable depending on the viewing point.


The glass high tables of the STARLIGHT collection has been selected for the main dining rooms. The choice is not random at all and relates to the ultimate of all symbols of the Olympic Games: the Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch.

吉冈德仁 × 火把

火把是由Tokujin Yoshioka (吉冈德仁)设计方案的,Tokujin Yoshioka是Glas Italia很多年的合作方,也是STARLIGHT系列产品饭桌的室内设计师。

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch has been signed by Tokujin Yoshioka, a collaborator for many years with Glas Italia and also the designer of the featured STARLIGHT table collection.



High table with top in 15 mm transparent extralight glass, chamfered and tempered. The legs are made of back-silvered glass profiles, glued to each other in order to create cylinders in star section with an extraordinary brightness and a sculptural feel.

Casa Italia Tokyo 2020根据广泛共享资源的体育文化价值观念,向全世界呈现了西班牙设计方案的优越和与众不同。让我们一起为奥运健儿给油!

Casa Italia Tokyo 2020 brings the excellence and uniqueness of Italian design to the whole world, through the universally shared values of sport. Let’s cheer for the Olympic athletes together!


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